About Us

We take pride in introducing ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of Belt Conveyor Idlers & Idler Sets in India. Entvent's dedicated service to the Conveyor industry started in the year 1971. For over 4 decades now, Entvent has been manufacturing and supplying Belt Conveyor Idlers & Idler Sets to various industries to provide efficient & economic operation. The company is managed by highly qualified and trained team of engineers, led by Mr.R.Ramchander, a master's graduate in Industrial engineering. The Entvent team strives hard to maintain and a high level of quality and with a vision to constantly improve the same. Our manufacturing facility is setup in an area of about 20000 sq ft, in the Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with sophisticated machinery with to ensure high product quality and with the ability to produce more than 3000 Idlers / month / 8 hour shift.

We are a regular supplier of Belt Conveyor Idlers Sets to M/s.Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd., which is one of the major users of Conveyor Idlers in India. Our Idlers work very satisfactorily under tough and impounding conditions found in Neyveli Lignite Mine.

We have been supplying all types of Idlers suitable for Belt widths ranging from 250mm to 2400mm. These conveyor systems have a maximum carrying capacity of 20000 Tph. Entvent Idlers are in regular service in various Mines, Thermal power plants, Ports, Cement plants and various other places that require conveyance of bulk material.