Entvent has rich experience of more than 40 years in designing and manufacturing Idlers & Idler sets for various load capacities and belt widths. Entvent Idlers & Idler Sets can be designed & manufactured to your exact requirement. Entvent Idlers & Idler Sets are available for a wide range of Belt Conveyor application. The range includes Fixed Carrying type, Fixed Return type, Fixed Impact type, Self Aligning type, Transition type, Garland Troughing type (Festoon type), Garland Return type and Garland Impact type for belt widths up to 2400mm.

Festoon type Idler sets are a specialty at Entvent. Festoon Idlers (garland type) have been designed and manufactured for 2000mm and 2400mm wide belt conveyor for handling 11000 Metric Tonnes / hr and 20,000 Metric Tonnes / hour of overburden/lignite for Neyveli Lignite Mines. These Idlers and Idler Sets have been amply tested and have proved excellent in real working conditions.

Unique Features

  • Minimum Rolling weight of Idlers, thereby saving power and energy
  • Minimum Run-Out to ensure eccentric free running
  • Lowest possible dynamic friction, to ensure smooth rotation
    Rollers are sealed to avoid ingress of Water and Dust, making the Idler operational in any kind of environment.
  • Robust design to suit any existing frame.
  • Pressed steel end housings, completely welded with the tubes thereby making a complete mono-box design, extremely strong and is capable of taking heavy impacts.
  • All Rollers are factory sealed for life, they require no maintenance. Thus they are most economical.

Range & Capacity:

Entvent Idlers are manufactured with a minimum bearing size of 6204 / 420204 and maximum bearing size of 6318. The minimum pipe OD size used for Entvent Idlers is 60.3mm and the maximum pipe OD size is 219.1mm. Entvent Idlers are designed to handle belt speed up to 5.2 m/sec.

Entvent designs Idlers & Idler Sets for light duty load capacity like 5 Metric Tonnes / hour to extra heavy duty for handling load up to 20000 Metric Tonnes / hour.

We can manufacture Idlers shafts with various types of end machining to suit the existing frame. Click here to view the end types

We can provide various types forged / cast end fittings to the Garland type of Idlers. Click here to view the end fitting types